Why have A Bride to Be sell your wedding dress?

  • We market your gown on our website, through our advertisers and at bridal fairs
  • We treat your gown with the same love and care as if it were our own. We have particular requirements that we ask each bride prior to attending any appointments at A Bride to Be and once a bride is at her appointment
  • Your gown is displayed in our showroom in a clear plastic cover
  • We have flexible hours for appointment times making ourselves available after hours and at weekends to ensure every opportunity is provided to sell your gown

How does it work?

We sell gowns on a consignment basis, so you receive payment for your gown once it is sold.

What gowns do you accept for sale on consignment?

  • Authentic gowns from a recognised designer couture label,
  • Less than two years old,
  • Brand new or in near perfect condition
  • If preloved, then worn only once,
  • Cleaned by a specialist bridal cleaner or specialist bridal dry cleaner

We do not accept designer copies or knock-offs.

Prior to dropping off your gown for sale:

Please email us at least 4 clear colour wedding photographs to display on our website:

  • A full length front on photograph of you from the top of your head to the tips of your toes in your wedding gown indoors
  • A full length front on photograph as above but outdoors
  • The back of your wedding gown
  • Close up of any details on the bodice such as lace, pleating or beading

When you bring your dress into us:

  • Please bring a certificate of authenticity or the receipt of purchase from the designer
  • Your gown is inspected by both of us to ensure that it is in perfect or in near perfect condition
  • A listing price for your gown is agreed upon

After you drop your gown off:

  • We contact you if your gown is tried on or an enquiry made

When your gown sells:

  • We contact you as soon as your gown is sold and payment is made
  • The funds are transferred to your account as soon as they are cleared in our account

RSVP: For further information, please contact A Bride to Be either at or on telephone 0413 549 367.